Immerse your taste buds in the robust flavor of aged Parmesan cheese perfectly complemented by the bold kick of black pepper. Our Parmesan and Black Pepper snack offers a symphony of savory delights, crafted to satisfy your cravings for authentic taste and crunch.

Enjoy just 2 or 3 as a delicious Parmesan keto snack, or indulge in the entire pack as a low-carb meal replacement for the whole family.

With each bite, savor the rich flavors and embrace the satisfying crunch that elevates your snacking experience.

Discover the perfect balance of taste and nutrition with Parmesan and Black Pepper: your go-to choice for a flavorful and fulfilling keto snack.

Ingredients: Parmesan, Cheddar, Almond Flour, Water, Whey Protein Powder, Salt, Black Pepper, MCT Oil

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